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The Most Elegant Hotel & Resort Guest Room Evacuation Maps

Hotel Emergency Exit Map

Our custom-designed in-room exit maps are created to enhance the ambiance of each guest room, and to ensure the safe evacuation of each hotel guest. Our award-winning design team will create a specific hotel emergency exit map that matches the look of your hotel or resort. 

We orientate each map with the correct direction, so your guests can evacuate the building is a safe and secure manner. Our multi-phase design process begins with a floor plan and expands to encompass every fabric pattern and decorating element in the rooms themselves.

You and your management team are an integral part of the exit map design process. We provide you with upwards of 10 design options to choose from once the initial planning process is complete. Our team focuses on the details, so your guests are informed of every safety option available to them.

Vital Information

Each hotel emergency exit map can include state health and safety codes as well as an innkeeper’s notice without compromising the design and the graphics. Innkeepers’ laws vary from state to state, and it is important to have accurate information listed in a concise manner.

Every one of our maps is designed to include the information you need to serve your guests. When a client owns several hotels in various states, they need customized maps that list the maximum rates and the specific level of theft liability for that state. The legal details can be easy to miss if your hotel is using a default map without any color or character. Each of these notices includes information vital to the safety and security of your guests. Invest in plans that give your guests more than just a hotel emergency exit route.

Once your maps are complete, they undergo an exhaustive inspection process. Any missed detail could end up costing the customer more money than they bargained for, so accuracy is always important. We complete each project as quickly as possible without rushing through essential details, including any innkeeper’s notices.

Accurate and Attractive Maps

While innkeepers’ laws may vary from state to state, the design aesthetic of each hotel property may vary as well. The evacuation maps you purchase for your specific property must match the overall feel of the property and the surrounding community. When you consider the time and money spent developing your hotel’s interior design, it just makes sense to purchase emergency maps that were created with that design theme in mind.

Our most popular style is the 8.5" x 11" format that comes in an acrylic wall holder. These hotel evacuation plan maps are engaging and easy to install. The average price per-map is $19 and can go as low as $14 with an additional charge for shipping.

Contact us today for a customized hotel emergency exit map that matches the unique aspects of your building. We proudly serve customers and clients from across the nation.

Contact: 866.738.3226

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